What Is And What Are The Benefits Of Aquaponics

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The Cons of Aquaponic Systems:

So, one of the largest reasons that holds people back from starting an aquaponic system if they’ve been to a course or a visitor to a shop, is the price of the system itself they are rather expensive. But you have to keep in mind, these tanks grow beds and filters are all purpose-built.

And in saying that if your are quite handy, it is fairly cheap to make your own aquaponic system out of recycled drums containers troughs and the commonly seen caged IBC tanks. These systems do require a little bit of handyman knowledge, because, you’re using power tools and such which can be another drawback. But if you have the ability to source these materials and you have the tools on hand, they will reduce the cost of your start up system dramatically.

Another big whammy when it comes to the cost, is a lot of people will see the little clay balls. those things can be quite expensive up to a dollar a litre to purchase them and use them in the system. Now, there are cheaper alternatives much cheaper alternatives. there’s things like river rock.. and basalt, which is also known as Road base or blue metal rather cheap when you buy them from the landscape suppliers and there, they basically a fraction of the cost of the clay media.

The one downside is clay media, is very light. The rocks are heavy naturally, so you have to make sure you have a nice solid stand for the grow beds or you could end up with a few issues down the line like grow bed sinking into the soil.
Another Con that some people have pointed out with the system like this, is we need to run the power 24 hours a day the reason behind that is we need the water constantly being filtered and cleaned. So, the fish as healthy as can be.
But if have a feed-in solar system in your house, it can feed back into the grid. So, L the electricity you use in the system will be subsidized to a point.

And you’ll be able to set up your aquaponic system, depending on its size on various DC voltages. A small system, could run fine on a small 12 volt system. A large system, would need a 24 volt system. I think having them hooked up to solar, was actually seen as a Pro to a lot of people who I want to live as sustainably as possible and not draw any more energy from the grid. So, that’s something you might want to keep in mind. Another Con could be depending on the species of fish you use. The need to buy a commercial fish feed basically because you want your fish to be as healthy as possible, and some do have particular nutrient requirements.

There are other fish though, that you can get away with feeding things like duckweed and Azolla. and also raising your own compost worms, and the little larvae, black soldier fly larvae and also mealworms. You just need to do a little bit of research and find which species of fish would be the best for your application, if you want to look at growing your own feed for them.

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