best value electric bike

best value electric bike

The addmotor Moton M 5800 best value electric bike:

This bike is dope, and it just screams more… just more of everything. This thing has more tire it has a four inch wide massive 27.5 inch tires, it has more battery than the standard electric bike, a 48 volt 17.5 amp hour battery, it has more top speed, with a top speed of 30 miles per hour with the throttle, which is ridiculously fast.

This thing has more weight, than the average electric bike, weighing 67 pounds which is actually pretty heavy. It also has really nice suspension, and the front 100 millimeters of travel. It’s got fenders front, and rear. And it has a really nice expansive heads-up display right here on the handlebars.


The M 5800 has been a really fun bike to test, it’s been really interesting riding something with these huge four inch wide tires. This is the first fat tire bike that I personally seen at least at this price tag. The air volume of these tires, has adds for a lot of suspension not including the front suspension, but it just makes for a really cushy ride.

We’re going to talk about the pros, and the cons and some things I like to see done differently in future models:

The M 5800 has a huge 1,000 watt 160 Newton meters of torque mid-drive motor right here in the middle. This is a buffing mid-drive motor, and it’s a really good motor I personally really enjoy the motors from buffing. I’ve always found them to work really well, and never had any issues with them, and this motor in particular is pretty powerful. So a 1000watts is generally about twice as powerful as most electric bikes, but the thing that really makes this particular motor stand out from the rest, is that it has a 160 Newton meters of torque.

so to give you some perspective; most electric bikes have around 62 maybe upwards of 90 Newton meters of torque, so basically that just means that this thing is going to be quicker off the line, and help you reach those top speeds of 30 miles per hour more effectively, than a motor That may not have as high of a torque.

Now, because this bike has a 1000W motor, it does make it fall into the category of a class for electric bike, which means this thing really isn’t technically Road legal in most areas. You’re definitely gonna need to check your local regulations laws, to see if you can ride this thing on the street. But again because of the 1000W of power, this bike is really kind of geared towards private property, or like an O HP Park somewhere where you can have as much power as you want without breaking the law.


another thing I really like about this motor, and the power that comes along with that, is that it’s a mid-drive motor, so number one: that means the weight is centralized in the middle of the bike, it just helps keep this thing balanced, especially with the battery right on its downtube. the balance of this thing is pretty good, it also means that it’s going to really be much more effective as far as gearing go as compared to a hub drive motor, which only has one gear so with the mid-drive motor whenever you switch gears you’re basically leveraging the power of this motor against the gearing that you are in that means climbing hills is going to be easier and it means getting to your top speed is going to be easier as well.

The top speed of the m5800 is 30 miles per hour with the throttle, or about 20 miles per hour with the pedal assist. And again 30 miles per hour, is a really high top speed for an electric bike.

Its really powerful 1000W motor, with 160 Newton is a torque. the top speed of 30 miles per hour is actually something you can attain. Anyone can hit the top speed pretty easily, even for the quite heavy weight of about 200 pounds.


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I also love that the M5800, can hit that top speed of 30 miles per hour with the throttle. in my opinion any electric bike that has a throttle basically, it’s just expanding the amount of rolls that this bike can fulfill, so you can treat it like a regular bike.


turn off the power you can use it with a pedal assist, or you can just use it like a moped, or a scooter and only use a throttle to get yourself around. And again because that motor is really effective, and you can actually use it like a moped, like a scooter and get yourself up to that really high top speed of 30 miles per hour.



best value electric bike

Talking about specs:

This bike is made from aluminum alloy, but even still this thing weighs in at 67 pounds, which is really quite heavy for an electric bike, especially one that only has front suspension. Again though you have a lot of extra weight, because of this powerful motor in the middle, and these huge tires that are four inches.

The overall length of the M5800, is 7 to 3.5 inches with a width of about 25 inches. A reach of 23.5 inches and a stand over height of 28 inches. Up on the front of the bike: there is the petrol Auriga brake levers that lead down to the Shimano Turner derailleur.

This is a 7 speed electric bike and the Shimano Turner derailleur is an entry level derailleur, but it still gets the job done for this particular bike. The M-5800 also has 180 millimeter disc brakes in the front, and the rear. These are mechanical disc brakes, and it’s great that they are really large. 180 millimeters to be able to stop this extra weight of this bike.

It’s 6 or 7 pounds much heavier, than a common electro bike, which typically weighs in are, at around 50 to 60 pounds. another great feature of the M5800, up on the front there is the motor inhibitor, so whenever you depress the brake lever on; this bike it’s going to shut off power from the motor, which essentially means that you’re not going to be fighting against the motor whenever you’re trying to break. That’s very important for emergency situations, especially with a bike like this that number one has a very powerful motor, number two has a top speed of 30 miles per hour, and number three has a throttle. The reason I mentioned the throttle is because it’s easy to forget to let off the throttle if you are in an emergency situation, so it’s just great that this thing automatically shuts off the motor for you. Just to make sure that you have that shortest possible stopping distance.


We’ve also got a buffet control Center up on the handlebars, really nice control center pretty basic, but it is backlit, has all the pertinent information that you might need. It shows you: battery level, your top speed, your current speed, a trip ometer, and odometer.

It really has pretty much everything you could want up there on the control center on the front of the bike we have a headlamp. The only thing I don’t like about this headlamp is, it’s not actually connected to the battery on the bike. It is an independent headlamp, so to turn this thing on you actually up to push the button up there on the front, and then the light will turns on. To turn it off same thing, push the button.

I would prefer to have it where it’s connected to the button pad on the left turn the handlebars, but whatever it gets the job done, it increases your visibility at night not that bad.


The M-5800 also has suspension in the front so these are mozo suspension, with 100 millimeters of travel. there’s spring suspension that they have preload adjuster, and a lockout so the lockout basically means; you can turn the shocks off, if you want to increase your efficiency, if you’re going on flat ground, if you don’t need to use a suspension and the preload is great because it basically means you can stiffen up, or loosens the suspension depending on what kind of terrain you’re traveling on, or depending on, or how heavy each individual Rider is.

now one of the coolest things about this bike, is the tires again, these are four inch wide 27.5 inch tires these things are really enormous, and there’s a couple of really big benefits that come along with having these tires number one is the increased air volume. Means that you’re going to have much better suspension as opposed to regular sized tires. It also means that is going to be easier to travel on wet ground, sand, snow, and stuff like that.


Just because you have so much more surface area, compared to a regular 2.25 or 2.5 inch wide tire. I personally really dig the orange rims on this thing too. The color scheme on this, is just dope in my opinion. I really like the black with the orange accents, this bike also comes in red if you prefer that. Personally, I would definitely stick with the orange.


Moving on to the middle of the bike, we got this massive 48 volt 17.5 amp hour battery, this thing is a monster. It’s got Samsung cells in it, and this is just a really high-capacity battery. Again to put this in perspective most high-capacity batteries on electric bikes, are around 13.5 amp hours so this thing has quite a bit more juice than the standard bike. what’s great about this battery as well, is it is removable with a turn of the key this battery comes off, so you can charge it on the bike or off the bike. It also has a USB port on the right-hand side, so you can charge your accessories on the go, and you can use this thing as a portable battery bank to charge your phone while you’re in a coffee shop, traveling around whatever.


Now with this battery even though it is much larger than most batteries, I still think the range is going to be around 30 miles. And the biggest thing is going to really eat the battery on this bike, is these extra wide tires. They are great for traction, great for suspension, but that extra width and extra surface area, means that there’s going to be extra drag while you’re rolling over the ground, that’s gonna suck up the battery pretty quick.


Down on the bottom of the bike, is where we’ve got the buffet 1000W 160 meter torque motor. We’ve also got a really sweet chain guard, it’s made out of aluminum, and it should help prevent against strikes on rocks logs, if you’re going off-road or whatever  just helps give that chain ring a little extra protection.



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The M-5800 also has a torque sensor built into the motor, which is awesome. I always prefer to have torque sensors whatever I can, they’re more accurate and they are more sensitive compared to a cadence sensor and they’re just overall better in my opinion.

The pedals on the M-5800 are Necco aluminum pedals, nothing super fancy about these pretty standard pedals. they get the job done but for me because I have larger-than-average feet, I prefer to have extra-large pedals as well, so that’s something where if you’re like me, and have large feet, or just want bigger pedals, you can grab those on Amazon 10 15 bucks. Something like that throw them on, swap them out.

I really dig that the M-5800 comes stock with front, and rear fenders. these are just standard ABS plastic fenders, but when you are going through mud rain snow, or whatever, it is nice to have ease on there, because, this helps keep you a little bit cleaner than if you had no fenders at all.

I do want to caution you about this mid-drive motor, because it’s in the middle of the bike, and because it hangs so low, it is going be vulnerable to strike. So if you’re going on serious off-road terrain, which really I don’t think it’s what this bike is meant for, but if you are going over a really rocky train, log stuff like that you could strike the motor and damage it. So I would definitely caution you to watch out for that.

The back of the M-5800 is a metal piece that extends over the derailleur acts like a cage, is sort of guard that piece of equipment from potential strikes, I love that they added that.




  • I love the extra wide 4 inch tires on this bike, they just give tons of traction when you’re going over a soggy terrain, wet muddy, snow, sand, or whatever and it just adds that extra air volume, to give you even more suspension than the front suspension that’s already there.


  • the battery: for me I love that this thing has such a large battery, I mean 48 volt 17.5 amp hours that’s a pretty big battery, and that’s great because this goes 30 miles per hour with the throttle you got these extra wide tires that really have a high resistance when rolling over the ground, so that extra juice is going to come in handy


  • The birthing motors are all pretty good, but this one in particular 1000W of power, 160 Newton meters of torque and it’s a mid-Drive, which means you’re really going to get the leverage. the gearing with this motor it’s fantastic, it’s a really powerful motor and it’s great to just help get you up those speeds of 30 miles per hour.


  • The 30 miles per hour is seriously pretty fast for an electric bike, I love it you can use the throttle to reach that speed to use this thing like a moped like a scooter or whatever it just makes it really fun if you’re just kind of cruising around and you don’t want to pedal.


  • This is a hundred millimeters of suspension in the front, and they do a really good job of dampening pretty big bumps in the road. Dig the suspension, glad that they included this in the bike.





  • 67 pounds pretty heavy for an electric bike, and honestly loading this thing in the back of my truck it’s kind of hard. of course there’s a couple of main reasons this thing is so heavy, the huge tires, the big motor, and got suspension up There in the front.


  • The headlight on this bike it’s not bad, but I wish it was connected to the actual control center up There on the front of the bike. As opposed to being an independent headlight that you have to actually push a button to turn it on, and off. Also it just makes more sense to have this feed into the battery, especially since it’s so big you can have a brighter light that can run for longer.


  • it’s kind of a twofer but it’s going to be protection so again the motor on this bike sits at the very bottom it’s a mid-drive motor the buffing, and because the same sits so low on the bike and because it’s susceptible to strikes it would be great if this had a roll cage or some sort of protection to keep this thing from getting damaged, if I do hit a rock a log whatever, while I’m riding the other point on this bike where I wish there was a little bit more protection was going to be the chain ring. I like that they have a chain guard on one side but it’d be great if they had a chain on the other, just to keep this chain from popping off because again a thousand watts of power for a met drive motor that’s pretty powerful.


  • The price tag is not the most affordable for an electric bikes, now of course you are getting a lot of value for this bike, but its high price is going to be out of the budget range for a lot of people. the good news, is there are a couple of different versions of this bike right there, some of them are less expensive, some of them have a smaller motor and I will provide links for those bikes below.