Four Horse Types You Will Not Believe Exist!

Horses are among the most beautiful animals on this earth, they are known of their powerful muscles and elegance. that’s what make people feel so much love with this animal. unfortunately there are only few people in the world who have ability or the honor to breed these amazing animals. because, of their expensive prices, and some other feeding requirements. and in this article, we have four horse types you won’t believe exist.



horse types

most people think of horses, and they picture the horses in a barn or wearing a saddle with a person riding it, while this is the case with many horses, this isn’t how you would describe the Camargue horse. these horses are one of the only breeds remaining that live in the wild. they’re found in the wetlands and the marshes of the Camargue area in southern France. these horses are very beautiful and very free, there are many tours in this area where people can get photos of these amazing wild horses.

horse types



horse types

many horse types are unique, and this is one of the most unique breeds in the world. they are tiny, they are rarely ever taller than 32 inches. these horses were first bred in Argentina, and they were imported to the United States in 1962. these horses are so tiny that they can only be ridden by very small children, and there are also often used as guide animals for people who are physically disabled.



horse types

this is a photo that has gone around online quite a bit, it’s not a horse that is so rare it’s actually the horses chemically altered muscles, that make it sell outrageous most horses are naturally muscular.

The owner of this horse clearly thought that the horse could be bigger, the end result is a horse who looks almost like either a Trojan horse or a creature from Greek mythology. this owner may be proud of his horses appearance he just better hope that the horse doesn’t have a roid rage that could be very very dangerous for anyone around.



horse types

the Exmoor pony, is an amazing pony who is native to the British Isles. what makes these ponies so amazing is that they have natural characteristics which protect them from the elements. because, some of these ponies are still wild, these characteristics are important they have a thick coat, with oily hairs that will repel water and snow, which is very important if the Pony is wild. they also have toad eyes, which are extra fleshy eyelids. the toad eyes help them to deflect water finally to keep warm they have an insulated undercoating.

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