best hoverboard brand 2018

best hoverboard brand depending on some basic criteria, and features:


A hover-board is a levitating platform that looks like a skateboard without wheels, and can be used for personal transportation. It’s also away to have fun with your friend, so if you’re searching for one, then these are some of the best in the market right now.



New 6.5 inch hoverboards use self-balance technology and sophisticated gyroscopes. all in a rechargeable battery powered board built to last several miles in one charge. The foot pedals can be easily tilted front, and back and it includes sensors to ensure your safety.

It has Bluetooth speaker that enables you, to play a tune on your board out of your telephone. It features LEDs that look cool and will help you see as you ride in the dark.

The wheel size is about 6.5 inches and you can attain a max speed of 8 miles per hour.


The CHO 6.5″ inch Chrome:

Inch chrome electric hoverboard comes with built-in speaker, and Bluetooth. And when it comes to fun and entertainment while skating, it provides with solid rubber tires and with built-in LED light features which provide light in the dark.

It is UL 2272 certified, meaning that this product has been tested for electrical and fire safety, to protect you and your loved ones.

The 6.5 inch vacuum tires hitting speeds of up to 7.5 miles per hour, for up to 13 miles powered by dual 350 watt motors. the CHO is  one of the best hoverboard brand that has lunched too many products before, and most of their products have a good rating on amazon.



add a priority to the safety and thus it has undergone and passed rigorous electrical and safety tests it even comes with an in combustible casing and our patented sentry shield technology and smart battery management for multi-layered protection it weighs only 20 pounds and the ipx4 rated T580 features a durable casing zero emissions motor and a splash proof design it gives a dominant performance enables you to race up to 7.5 miles per hour and climb inclines up to 30 degrees with the electric hoverboards 150 watt dual motors.

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The Hoverheart:

the hoverheart hoverboard, comes with a twin 200 watt motors which deliver plenty of power to the wheels while charging times come in at an average of two to three hours max it is suitable for speeds of six miles per hour to 10 miles per hour tops along with a maximum range of around 12 kilometers it has LED lights on wheel hubs wheel rims and LED headlights making it outstanding in the dark it uses 2 by 250 watt motors powered with 36 volt for a batteries also it offers a high quality Bluetooth speaker for taking your tunes on the go maximum load capacity of this hoverboard is 220 pounds


CHO electric:

the CHO electric smart self-balancing hoverboard is UL2272 certified approved electric hoverboard with built in Bluetooth speaker you can connect to Bluetooth speaker so that you can play music directly from your phone the 6.5 inch tires provide smooth riding experience easy to control it has a stronger shell and sturdy structure with maximum load to 20 pounds and offers durability the high intensity front lights make travel safer and more fun it can travel at a top speed of 10 kilometers and cruising distance up to 16 kilometers the compact size also makes the scooter portable easily carried around wherever you go.


The GOTRAX-hoverfly eco hoverboard comes with lunar LED lights cosmic colors, and is made of high quality hover skateboard materials. all the electrical battery and charging systems used, are tested and certified to UL 2272 safety standards.


It has an impressive torque, which is powered by dual 250W force field motors. It can reach speeds up to 7.4 miles per hour, and it feels like you’re floating in zero gravity for up to 12 miles. It is made with high quality materials, and has a 220 pound weight capacity. It has battery lights, which will indicate when it is time to return home for a recharge.