3 Cute Horses That Anyone Would Love To Have


Among all the types of Horses, there are some unique horses that are very amazing. and here we have 3 cute horses that any horses passionate would love to have.

Akhal Teke Horse:

We can consider this as the best of the list of cute horses. this particular breed is known as the super model of a horse world. these horses come in very unique colors such as buckskin, Palomino pearly, no and crema low. they also have a metallic sheen as if their coats aren’t unique enough.

cute horses

this breed also has very lanky delicate features. not only are these horses beautiful, but they are also extremely athletic this makes them perfect for jumping and endurance races as well as dressing competitions.



Bashkir Curly Horse:

This breed of horse looks like a cross between a horse and a poodle, because they have very curly hair some of these horses just have a curly mane while others are curly all over and they even have curly eyelashes.

cute horses

Something else that makes this horse so unique, is that they are hypoallergenic just like the poodle you can find this amazing breed in many sizes from the tiny miniature horse to the full size draft.



Gypsy Vanner Horse:


This horse originated in the British Isles, there are many things that make this horse so unique. they’re known for their beautiful coloration, oftentimes the colors are black and white.


cute horses


However, these colors can vary. they also have very long thick Mane’s what makes these horses stand out the most is the thick feathering of fur that starts at the horse’s knees and goes down to his hocks. this fur almost resembles the furry boots worn by teenagers and young women today.



cute horses