electric scooter for adults

GOTRAX Glider Electric Scooter for Kids & Adults with up to 264 LBS, and up to 17mph  9+ mile range is definitely one of the best electric scooter for adults, and Kids in the market.

THRILLING TOP-RANKING TORQUE: Glide at speeds up to 17 mph with the powerful 250W e scooter.

BECOME A MASTER FASTER: Easy as 3-2-1-lift off! To get your electric scooter going, simply kickstart and cruise.

FAST FOLD-AND-RELEASE: Packing up this folding scooter is quick and easy with the lever-activated system.

DISPLAY SCREEN & LED HEADLIGHT: Track your speeds and battery life and glide by night with the LED Headlight.

STELLAR FIRST-CLASS DESIGN: LED lights, cosmic colors, high-quality space materials built to last.



electric scooter for adults



This is a great scooter for the price point. nice for using it at my daily commute.

PROS: This scooter will go up to 12-15 MPH easily for the 200 lbs weight. That is on a flat piece of land. It is also a compact scooter! Flashlight is bright in the front but it does not have rear lights for the night time.

CONS: The scooter’s ride is unstable when it deals with bumps. It also slows down by quite a bit when bumps occurs. The scooter also comes with two gears, but at 6 MPH it stutters so you have to push the scooter to get to a stable point. Also anything past 10% incline, the motor doesn’t have enough torque to pull you, so you again will have to pedal the scooter with your foot just a tad. Also this scooter can only go around 4-5 miles on one FULL charge, which is quite disappointing but I just remind myself to charge the scooter whenever I am near an outlet. Brakes are also not hydraulic like other scooters at a higher price point so make sure you brake earlier because immediate stops are almost impossible. I would still recommend this scooter to others at the price point sold.



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