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the top 5 best hoverboard to buy in 2018. I’ll try to list them based on their price, quality, durability, and more…

so let’s get started with Megawheels WT01:

best hoverboard to buy

The Megawheels WT01 mini scooters, have become a rage in the recent past. Everyone from celebrities to people everywhere using it. It is a vehicle that looks so easy to use in a building that everyone feels like trying it out. it is lightweight Hover-board that can be used by both kids, and adults. it looks very modern and attractive with four different colors available, if you haven’t driven a Hover-board before, you don’t have to worry because, it is easy to learn and to use. this Hover-board is very lightweight making portability no issue you can carry it anywhere with you.

The Megawheels WT01 is one of the best 16.5 of south Bella scooters that excelled in all electric city safety tests with all 2272 requirements which is powered by a 4400 miliAMP Samsung lithium battery, and comes with UL tested charger all of this can prevent the overboard from getting damaged. This Hover-board is equipped with two 350 watt motors so you can have more stability and more fun while riding it.


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It’s high speed can reach 12 kilometers per hour, which is pretty good considering its very affordable price. it is easy to find many reasons why purchasing it would be a great investment, it is definitely a plus to your gadget collection.

The 6.5 dual tires are pretty good, and they can even let you drive this it through grass mud, or other rough terrains. even though it can do that, I don’t recommend you to take it into tough terrains. since that can damage the hover-board. and don’t worry about being heavy, because this hover-board can handle people that weight up to 240lb without any problem. most of the hover-boards today in the market can not support that weight, so that’s a big plus.

overall it’s a great, and durable hover-board so if you are looking for a hover-board that will get the job done perfectly and that doesn’t cost you much, then the Megawheels WT01 is your answer.

razor hovertrax 2.0:

best hoverboard to buy
even though the first Hoverboard modeled from razor, didn’t come out the way they’ve hoped, it was a good Hover to ride. it did miss some of the features, and also the speed and distance were just mediocre, but this new upgraded 2.0 Hovertrax, is much better than most of the whole boards in the market.

for starters: razor is a well known and trusted brand which distributes products worldwide, which means that they know what they’re doing, and they always stand by their product and quality. it’s been tested by UL, and gotten its certificate for being one of the safest hoverboards available, and there’s nothing to argue about.

it’s reliable, and if you’ve seen the way they have tested this Hoverboard, you’d know that if it passes its robust and quality made. what I love the most about this hoverboard, is that it is usable by both: adults, and children, and it performs equally well for both of them. the main quality of this hoverboard, is his durability. it’s made from shatter resistant polymer, allowing it to withstand a fair amount of punishment wasted looking brand new.

the hovertrax 2.0, features dual motors that are so sudden, that you can barely tell difference between the device being powered on, or off. what I don’t like about this hoverboard, is that it’s not waterproof. meaning there’s no way you can use them outside on rainy days. also the fact that it can only run for an hour before draining, the battery is a bit discouraging.


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these problems aren’t specific to the razor only, it’s for all hoverboards in general. maybe they will get fixed in the future. also, I think that the logo on the side of the wheels, looks a bit childish in my opinion.

overall it’s one of the most attractive Autobots on the market, and definitely one of the most reliable and advanced ones. the improvements over the previous version are quite a brilliant, and it’s perfect for everyone from absolute beginners to hoverboard experts. looking for the next big thing, it’s just the kind of model you can go wrong with. no matter how hard you try don’t just take my word for it, though you should definitely check it out for yourself because it’s one of the best hoverboard to buy, and I highly recommend it.

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